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4 Oz Original Formula Full Spectrum Topical CBD Glycerin Tincture! 

(Extracted from High CBD Hemp - Less than 0.3% THC)

(1764.4mg CBD, 162.4mg CBN, 45.6mg CBC, 41.2mg THC, 39.2 CBG, & 9.2mg CBDv in 4 Fl Oz. 2062mg Total Cannabinoids in 4 Fl Oz.)

Batch: 231109

Ingredients: Hemp Infused Vegetable Glycerin


The FDA has not approved extracts of hemp for human or animal consumption. While this tincture is safe enough to consume, it is made for your skin.

4 Oz Extra Strength Full Spectrum Topical CBD Glycerin Tincture (Batch:231109)

SKU: 41
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